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English Language Training courses

Practise and improve your Fluency with other teachers and professionals. This is a practical discussion-based course aimed at targeting and improving your speaking skills.

  • Fluency and English Language Development for Teachers – 1 week
  • Fluency and English Language Development for Teachers -2 weeks

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CLIL -Content and Language Integrated Learning courses

Learn more about CLIL and how it is being used today. These courses target CLIL teachers who are interested in learning about the theory and solid background of CLIL, and  technology which can be applied in a CLIL classroom.

  • CLIL- Methodology and ICT Tools for Teachers Working with CLIL -2 weeks
  • Technology and ICT Tools for Teachers Working with CLIL -1 week

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ICT Skills and Technology Enhanced Learning courses

Open up a new world to your teaching by learning about technology you can introduce into your classroom. These courses are useful to both subject and language teachers.

  • Empowerment in ICT Skills: Making Use of Technology Tools -1 week
  • TEL: Technology Enhanced Learning -2 weeks


Language Teaching Methodology for Primary level teaching

Enjoy meeting other Primary teachers while reviewing techniques and activities for Primary school language learners.  Sessions are hands-on and practical, and cover a variety of topics.

  • Language Fun and Games: Primary School Language Teaching − 1 week
  • The Playground Classroom: Primary School Language Teaching -2 weeks


Language Teaching Methodology Refresher courses for Secondary and Higher Levels Teaching

Revitalise your language teaching methods and discover or take a fresh look at teaching Secondary, Vocational and Higher students. Exchange ideas with your peers and experience the wide range of techniques for yourself.

  • Spice Up Your Teaching Ideas: Methodology in Practice Today -1 week
  • Methodology Revisited, Revitalised, Renergised-Language Teaching Methodology -2 weeks


Professional Development Courses

Success when working internationally depends increasingly upon good interpersonal skills, as well as fluency of speech, effectiveness of communication and accuracy of language. These highly practical training programmes cover the core communication skills in English required to function effectively .

  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Fluency and English Language Development for Teachers – 1 week

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Train the Trainer

Develop your own training skills. Explore the world of international leadership and develop the skills you require to work and lead in an international working environment.

  • Teaching Business English

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Teaching Business English

This 2 week course covers a comprehensive range of topics and methodologies for Teaching Business English. It not only looks at the language of business but also at the communication skills involved in becoming a more effective Business English teacher.


Dates 2016:

18 July -29 July

17 October -28 October

Duration: 42 hours per week

Course Fee for 2 week course: €700 + €100 Programme Fee