Our Couses


Dates 2016
1 weeks 25 july
2 weeks 18 july

Prices 2016
1 week 445€ + 70€ (registration)
2 weeks 836€ + 70€ (registration)
66€ per private class
(minimum 1 week)

Malaga is Waiting for All Spanish Teachers




Spanish Courses:

  • Certificate of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE)
  • Commercial or business Spanish
  • Hispanic Studies
  • Intensive and superintensive
  • Master class


Private lessons and closed groups

Spanish and cooking

* Program sample Spanish and cooking

Spanish and dance
Spanish and Internships
Spanish education access

Spanish for teachers
Malaca Instituto offers courses for non-native Spanish teachers with open programmes which take place in July and especially designed courses for closed groups at any time of the year.

20h/week of advanced Spanish
10h/week of methodology

B2 or equivalent, except for closed groups