Norwich Excites All Language Teachers




21st Century Skills 15-26. 8. 2016
Advanced Language, Materials and Methodology  1-12. 8. 2016
Advanced Language, Materials and Methodology (1 Week) 10-14. 10. 2016
Blended Learning in Language Education with Russell Stannard MORE INFO
British Culture and Contemporary English MORE INFO
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) MORE INFO
Curriculum Development and Syllabus Design MORE INFO
Intercultural Awareness in ELT MORE INFO
Learning Differences and Inclusion in Language Teaching MORE INFO
Language Improvement for Teachers MORE INFO
Learning Differences in Language Teaching MORE INFO
Literature and Drama in Language Teaching with David Farmer and Alan Pulverness MORE INFO
Materials Development in ELT MORE INFO
Motivation in Teaching and Learning MORE INFO
Teaching English for Academic Purposes MORE INFO
Teaching English in Kindergarten (Very Young Learners) MORE INFO
Teaching English to Young Learners MORE INFO
Teaching, Examining and Assessing Spoken English MORE INFO
Technology Assisted Language Learning with Gavin Dudeney MORE INFO
Testing, Evaluation and Assessment MORE INFO
Trainer Development: a Course for Teacher Educators MORE INFO
Trends and New Directions in ELT MORE INFO
Video and Image in Language Teaching with Jamie Keddie MORE INFO


COURSE 2 weeks GBP (£) EUR (€)
Registration Fees 150.00 215.00
Course Fee 910.00 1320.00
Sub total 1060.00 1535.00


Homestay accommodation (half-board) 420.00 588.00
Residential accommodation (self-catering) 420.00 588.00
Total cost - fees + accommodation 1480.00 2123.00